2005 Kemper Fellows

Image of Glenn E. Good

Glenn E. Good

Department of Educational, School and Counseling Psychology

Students say Glenn Good is an extraordinarily sensitive, insightful guide through the potentially troublesome topic of gender issues in counseling and education. “He challenged us to push the boundaries of our thinking while at the same time working hard to maintain a safe environment where we could explore the difficult topics of gender roles, race and sexuality,” one graduate student recalls.

Students praise Good’s support and mentorship of them in their intellectual pursuits. He encourages them to think of themselves as “genuine collaborators in the academic world,” one graduate student says. Students also admire Good’s scholarship, particularly on gender issues, and aspire to follow his example. “Not only does he engage in critical analysis and investigation as a trailblazer in the discipline of counseling, but his thorough enjoyment of doing so is both contagious and inspirational,” a doctoral candidate says. “He dramatically influenced my development as a professional psychologist by demonstrating that one can (and should) prioritize and value scholarly activity while simultaneously holding dear the qualities that make us human.”

Good earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Davis, his master’s degree from the University of Oregon and his doctorate from Ohio State University. He joined the MU faculty in 1990. Here he has been named Mentor/Advisor of the Year by the College of Education and has received several teaching awards, including the Graduate Professional Council’s Gold Chalk Award for graduate instruction.