Robin Hurst-March

Robin Hurst-March

Division of Biological Sciences

Since coming to MU as a graduate teaching assistant in 1992, Robin Hurst-March has demonstrated a love for biological sciences to colleagues and students alike. Her enthusiasm has made some confirmed science “haters” consider changing their majors. An MU professor says: “Robin is quite simply the kind of teacher we all want to be, and that every student dreams of having at least once in his or her career.”

March teaches basic environmental studies and general principles of biology courses. One student recalled a lesson on dominant and recessive hereditary genes that stuck with him long after class was over: “While waiting for the shuttle bus I found myself looking at the ear lobes of other students thinking definitely ‘dominant,’ or ‘that’s recessive.’ What a great way to learn without even knowing you’re being taught.”

When asked to write teachers’ guides to accompany Mizzou Magic, MU’s science magazine for middle and high school students, March drew on her own former experiences as a junior high and high school science teacher to make the guides practical and usable. They were a huge success.

March received her undergraduate degree, master’s and PhD from MU as well as her Life Teaching Certificate. She has been honored for her work with the green and purple chalk awards for outstanding teaching and the Most Inspiring Professor Award from the MU athletic department.